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Cool Page Layout!


Interesting art style.


Oh boy this is going to be fun! :D


Aw is this really your first time seeing it? Oh well, it'll be updated on DA every week from now on, which I know is convenient for some people. Really glad you like it though, since you were pretty much the first person to see it in the planning stages! :D


This is......interesting.

This style reminds me of pon and zi

Emergency hiatus as of 18 July

If you are checking for an update on Monday July 18, I'm very sorry to say there won't be one. I've just had a computer breakdown and need to buy a new one, and sadly I haven't had the time to keep far enough ahead with page updates to have a backlog to post while I'm unable to make more pages. Until I replace my computer no new pages can be made, so consider this comic on hiatus until further notice.

This pains me greatly to have to do, because until now I was quite proud to say that this comic has never gone on hiatus or missed a week of updating since it started a year and a half ago. But to have nothing ever go wrong is expecting a little too much, so here we are. The most important thing is not to worry, because I'm only taking a break because of an urgent situation that prevents me from updating, not because I'm losing interest in this project. So you can safely expect everything to return to normal within a few weeks. I'll keep everybody posted in the meantime. Thanks so much for your understanding.

Join #SakanaComic on DeviantArt!

For my first update of the summer (and first news announcement in a long time come to think of it), I'd like to invite everyone who uses DeviantArt to watch and/or join the new #SakanaComic group! Before it existed I was using my own personal DA account as a mirror for this comic, posting pages there. But now that I have a dedicated space just for comic-related stuff, I'm hoping to have more meaningful content there, including organizing future art-related activities/contests I hope. In any case, if you have an account and you consider yourself a fan, please join and show your support!

Commisson fundraiser for a friend

Hey everyone, this news isn't really related to my comic but I hope you'll take the time to read it anyway. It's not as though I spam my news section with frivolities on a regular basis, so I don't think you'll object to an off-topic post this one time.

My good friend and fellow artist/aspiring animator Melyssa Dixon (NoxidAssylem on DeviantArt) is in the midst of a crisis; long story short it was caused by some kind of admin error/miscommunication at school. She can't afford to pay a hefty fee they've unexpectedly charged her so she's trying to raise money through commission work, which she's now accepting. Mel is a very talented digital illustrator and artist, in fact she was one of the winners of my fanart contest (so you've likely already seen a sample of her work!) She mostly does character artwork, but you can read her page for all the details about her services.

If you do decide to help her out by commissioning her, mention my name (Simon in case you forgot :) and you might get a little token of my appreciation (something related to my comic!)

All info here: noxidassylem.deviantart.com

Cheers and thanks for reading!

Sakana is one year old! Contest winners anncounced!

Today, February 1 2011, is the first anniversary of the official premiere of Sakana No Sadness! Yes, page one was published on this site a year ago today. Be sure to check out the winners of the fanart contest by clicking right here or on the banner up top if you're already at the site.

Congratulations to the winners and a big heartfelt thanks to everyone who motivates me to continue this incredibly fun story by simply reading it. Now let's all have another great year! :D

One week left for fanart contest!!

If you're planning to enter the fanart contest, the deadline is only a week away (Wednesday the 26th). I've had a lot of people tell me they're working on something, but have barely received any entries, so I'm guessing there's going to be a rush at the last minute or that some may have forgotten about the time frame. So keep the submission deadline in mind because I am going to enforce it (gotta have enough time to judge fairly!)

Best of luck to all entrants!!

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